Asset Marketing Services
July 5th, 2013

Hire Me!

Asset Marketing Services (AMS) was a direct competitor during my tenure with Collectible America. After optimizing the paid-search campaigns for Collectible America, AMS lost significant revenue and market share and purchased Collectible America within 6 months. AMS acquired my talent and tasked me with re-developing the ecommerce and email marketing platforms and strategies while managing email- and search-marketing campaigns across 3 brands. Under my strategic direction, AMS realized significant gains:

  • Doubled new customer counts and increased lifetime value by 29%
  • Increased paid-search revenue by 43% and orders by 36%
  • Increased email revenue by 40% and orders by 51%
  • Increased email deployments by 33% while cutting production costs
  • Streamlined email production workflow and decreased manhours by 50%
  • Integrated email automation and lifecycle programs across all channels
  • Identified significant annual cost-savings opportunity during vendor selection
  • Led email and ecommerce vendor selection with 500+ strategic requirements
  • Integrated complex databases (Email, Analytics, eCommerce, ERP, CRM)