Social media directly impacts search visibility and provides a primary channel for distributing your invaluable content. Social media impacts everything from lead generation to retention and referrals.

  • 44% of companies generated leads from LinkedIN
  • 39% of companies generated leads from Facebook
  • 60% of companies use social media
  • 80% of users prefer connecting via social
  • 77% of companies acquired customers via social

Why Invest in Social Media Marketing?

  • Build Brand Awareness – social media has a reach comparable to television advertising
  • Build Communities – connect with users and whole groups of users in your niche
  • Gain Valuable Insights – interact with users and gain insights into interests & demographics
  • Increase Site Traffic – increase traffic to your site, especially when users share your content
  • Generating Leads? Social Media is one of the least efficient methods of generating leads

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