Collectible America
**De-activated after acquisition**
Sep 1st, 2010

Hire Me!

Collectible America hired me to re-develop the ecommerce and email platforms as well as the email- and search- marketing campaigns. Asset Marketing Services, a direct competitor who owned NewYorkMint and GovMint noticed the wild success of our paid-search optimization by the decline in their paid-search revenue. Asset Marketing Services ultimately purchased CollectibleAmerica and re-branded it, migrating all customers to NewYorkMint and then GovMint in time. They then tasked me with re-developing their 4 web properties:,,, and View project

  • Increased email revenue by 43% through testing and marketing automation
  • Optimized ecommerce platform for a 42% increase in organic search traffic
  • Optimized highly competitive paid campaigns and decreased costs by 37% with a weekly spend of $10k
  • Planned and managed ecommerce redevelopment 15% under-budget
  • Led outside team of 1 front- and 2 back-end web developers
  • Seamless transition of 60k customers and 1k products to Magento platform